U.S. Open – Over Promised, Under Delivered!

There is no denying this year’s US Open at Pinehurst was the most boring golf in recent history.  The TV ratings for Sunday were at record low levels and for most golf fans the TV went off on Saturday when Martin Kaymer knocked in the Birdie to take a commanding lead.  When something is this off, when golf is this boring we need to examine why and learn from it.

1)  No Tiger.  Try as you might to come up with a rebuttal but television audiences do not tune into a golf tournament in the same numbers as one that has Tiger playing, regardless of where he finishes.  That is just a cold hard fact.

2)  No Phil.  The golfing media spent the past year telling us that Phil winning the US Open was a forgone conclusion.  They foreshadowed him wining his career grand slam on that historic 18th green and when he shot himself out on Saturday it was too big a let down for Phil fans to continue watching.

3)  Martin Who?  Of course the golfing world knows who he is but part time fans don’t care.  He wasn’t a name on their radar and his back story was not compelling enough for us to cheer him on.  When the highlight clip is him beating up the US in the Ryder Cup it doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies to watch him.

4)  No blow ups.  This course lacked the many true opportunities to “blow up” that most majors offer.  Without water or OB to sneak up and bite the players there were no means to watch a train wreck

5)  Playing for 2nd.  There was no faith in the two guys chasing down Kaymer to shoot a seriously low number. 

6)  World Cup.  Our twitter feed was lit up with people who were watching World Cup football over US Open golf.  What should have been a monumental day where fans tuned into Golf as the worlds game over Football did not pan out.

7)  Brown is the new Green.  It will take awhile for people to embrace this concept that the color of the grass doesn’t have to be multiple shades of beautiful greens.  When the above items happen and the course looks weird on TV, it doesn’t make us watch for the “beauty” of golf.

All in all, this year’s open was over hyped and won by someone that no one really cared if he won.  The course looked somewhat dull and the play was uneventful.  The work that was put into Pinehurst was amazing, and its a shame the event did not live up to the hype.

What do you think?