Half of you will eat this up, half of you will unfollow for posting this but here it is. Tiger Woods has been spotted hitting full shots. Now for those that don’t have a good word to say about Woods feel free to leave. Those that care to know more, please scroll down.


WARNING THIS PIECE IS NSFTH (not safe for Tiger haters)



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Have we weeded out the haters? Good, because here’s what we now know. about Tiger’s recovery. Woods was on hand this week at The Tiger Woods Invitational taking part in a clinic with Kevin Chappell, another Nike Staffer. Minutes after the clinic started, it was evident to everyone how quickly Woods’ recovery has been since his last posts. The golfing world has been buzzing from the following video and although most people are sick of the rhetoric that Tiger seems to put out about his game, I can’t help but get excited when I see this.

This video comes just days after Tiger himself posted the following video hitting his first full iron shots. Think about this for a second. Tiger is normally a closed book when it comes to the media and especially social media. Why would he post a video of his swing? There can only be one reason, that Tiger is actually happy and wants the world to know it.

And even greater news, this video comes just weeks after Tiger posted his “Dr. gave me the ok to start pitching” tweet. In 6 weeks he’s gone from being cleared to hit pitch shots to hitting full irons.

Since Tiger Woods’ back fusion surgery in April we have all wondered when he would return to competitive golf. Fans were disheartened by his remarks at the Presidents Cup hinting that he had no time table for a return but this video below, with him hitting a hard draw can only mean a second third fourth  another comeback is on the horizon. Yes there is still a long way to go but I like the idea that he’s posting about the state of his game.