To say that Tiger Woods didn’t do well this week at the Waste Management Open is an understatement.  Woods shot the worst round as a professional today, a very disappointing 82 .  Hand it to the typical Tiger to talk about “being stuck between patterns” in his press conference.  He took today’s poor display with a grain of salt and a sense of humor.

Tiger has only not broken 80 twice in his career finishing dead last in this week’s 132 man field.  The rust clearly needs to come off but it’s his weekend golfer short game ability that is so painful to watch.  When did Tiger Woods start playing fairway wood chips around the greens?  It is so frustrating and sad to watch him struggle with the touch around the greens that we all admired for so long.  What does he offer as an explanation for this amateur looking short game?

“I’m just having a hard time finding the bottom. Because of my old pattern, I was so steep on it, that I have a new grind on my wedge and sometimes it’s hard to trust. This is a similar grind I used to use back in the early 2000s, but it’s a different grind”

Whatever it is, you are not only a professional golfer but you are also in the top 2 golfers of all time.  You have a giant short game facility in your backyard and your job is to chip a golf ball without flubbing it.  For the good of golf, for all your fans and for all the young ones out there with posters on their wall, PLEASE JUST FIGURE IT OUT!