Houston, TX – Tiger Woods was on hand Wednesday to officially open a par 3 course for kids at Blue Jack National, his first golf course design in the USA.  The questions about Blue Jacket quickly faded to questions about his health and a return to PGA golf.  The question was simply “how will you know when you are ready?”

Tiger’s answer was once again revealing and honest.

“I don’t.  I really don’t.  As I said I don’t really know.  This is a different injury then Ive had in the past.  Its not my knee where its 9 months and we’re coming back and that’s normal.  When dealing with nerves there is no timetable, everyone heals differently and that has probably been the most frustrating part.  I can’t say I am playing next week, or I am playing Houston, I cant say any of that because I don’t know.  When will I know, I’ll let you know.  I’m in a heck of a better place then I was in December that I do know.”

For now, no one not even Tiger knows when he will tee it up again.  If you are fed up with “Tiger return” talk then take a break to watch Taylor Crozier an 11 year old kid drain the first hole in one and the crowd blows up!

(video from BlueJack National)