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Welcome to “The Best Summer Golf Job Ever”

Are you ready for an adventurous summer full of travel and golf all across the USA! The Weekend Golfer is looking for a media savvy player who is willing to hit the road this summer and capture each destination of the journey using the provided DSLR, Drone and Go-Pros. Clearly this role requires someone that has the ability to shoot and edit for YouTube and Social Media and is willing to learn how to fly the drone (don’t worry practice makes perfect.)


We are looking for someone who…

  • Is able to travel non-stop for weeks on end
  • Doesn’t mind living in hotels
  • Can get from point A to point B on their own and can set up their own shoots
  • Is confident enough to talk to resorts, courses, people about golf
  • Has experience filming with a DSLR (any links to prove this?)
  • Can or is willing to learn to fly a small drone
  • Is able to edit using premier or final cut
  • Is very competent on Social Media and SEO
  • Can contribute to the blog, writing articles about the various destinations.
  • Can research what makes a destination unique and capture it.
  • Is willing to take golfing the top courses in the USA as a portion of the payment.

Is this you? If so, drop us an email and explain why you possess the above criteria and any links to your work.  Send your email to






NOTE Due to large volume, not all emails will be returned

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