The Best Driving Range

We are in search of the greatest driving range in America.  This New York City. I’ve been to New York a few times and every time its gets cooler but it gets busier. There are 1.6 million people living in Manhattan alone all fighting traffic, construction and rising land cost. There has never been room for the weekend golfer, that’s why we never pack our clubs. Until now.

This is the golf club at Chelsea Piers.

Like everything in New York, it’s truly iconic. You’ve seen it on TV and films and although you may not lug your clubs to NYC, this range is an experience any true golfer has to check off their bucket list.

Its open year round with 52 heated hitting bays. There is 200 yards of fairway which is more than enough fairway to hit driver with the high nets. The coolest part is that you don’t even tee the balls yourself. There is an automated system that does it for you.

In peak times you get 90 balls for $25, or if you come early you can get the unlimited special for $25 before 9am. Yeah its more expensive than your bucket back home but you are paying for the experience. Club rentals are 2 clubs for $6, or a set of 10 clubs for $10. Or head into the proshop and ask to demo. There is even a 1200 sq foot putting green, but who practice putts on vacation?

If you’re traveling with non-golfers, leave them to wander at the neighboring Chelsea Market. Tell them you’ll be back in an hour for a beer.

The Chelsea Piers, with it’s views of the Hudson is truly an experience any golfer needs to check off their bucket list.

For more info see www.theweekendgolfer.com or

This is the one and only Golf Club at Chelsea Piers. If you’re a golfer and find yourself in New York, take the time to head to W19th and 11th to hit some balls at this golfing institution.