Tiger Woods stepped up to the 10th tee at Congressional on Monday to help promote his Quicken Loans event later this summer.  The result was 3 for 3 into the drink and being shown up by what appeared to be Jake from State Farm.

Although it isn’t the kind of news that fans of Tiger were waiting for, cut him some slack.  It’s likely he was just bench pressing a Volkswagen 5 minutes before being asked to hit a flip wedge with no warm up.

00:23 – “ugh”

00:32 – <low moan>

00:41 – “that’s in the water”

00:46 – “can I have another”

00:51 – “wow that was stiff”

00:54 – “holy cow”

01:03 – “alright that’s good” referencing he’s had enough

01:06 – “aww come on”

01:14 – “come on Tiger” pep talk before his third shit

01:26 – “See, I need warm up” to the crowd

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