Remember the 2012 Ryder Cup outside of Chicago when Rory McIlroy sat in his hotel room completely oblivious to the concept of Central Time?  His heart sank in his chest with the realization he might miss his tee time and cost the European squad a much needed point.  Behind the scenes Erica Stoll, an employee of the PGA of America was arranging a police escort to race Rory to the tee box.  Rory made it and without hitting a range ball, helped secure the victory against the USA.  Two years later Rory broke off his engagement to his then fiancée, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and began dating Stoll.  It appears that after just seven months of publicly dating Stoll, McIlroy has decided to “put a ring on it.”


It seems all we’re doing lately is talking about wives and girlfriends instead of wins and championships.  That said, Rory McIlroy has been seen stepping out with a new girl.  The new gal is Erica Stoll, a 29 year old who works for the PGA.  They met back in September 2012 while Rory was dating tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.  McIlroy had a very public break up with Wozniacki and   has spent the past year destroying the PGA tour and solidifying the world #1 spot.






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