Robert Allenby Kidnapping


In one of the most bizarre news stories of the 2014-2015 PGA season, Robert Allenby was kidnapped, beaten and left at the side of the road in Hawaii… or so he says.  On Sunday, the Golf Channel’s Steve Sands was able to obtain an interview with Allenby, yet the golfing press are trying to suggest that there is more to the story.  In the video below, Allenby gives his account of events of what went down after paying the bill at Amuse Wine bar in Honolulu.  Do you believe his story?  We think its best to hear from the police before making any judgment on this story.  Here is the Golf Channel video of that interview.

Questions are circulating around this story and it apperas the press are not believing Allenby’s account of events.  Give the guy a break here until the police issue a public statement please!