Patrick Reed Isn’t Going Away

Face it, Patrick Reed isn’t going away any time soon.  You hated him when he was an unknown rookie and dared to win 3 times in his rookie year.  It angered you to hear him put himself in golf’s top 5.  Then, after a sleepy summer with him off your radar he came right back in your face with that Ryder cup shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it.

His antics even prompted us to write an article titled “THE EGO OF PATRICK REED – What gives with this guy?”  With his win on Monday at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions and his play of last season, Reed has the ability to pick and choose his schedule in 2015.  This translates into seeing his face more on screen at the big events you will be watching this summer.

The fine line of professional golf was on display this weekend in Hawaii.  Patrick Reed didn’t so much win the golf tournament as much as Jimmy Walker handed it to him.  Reed was trailing by 4 shots with 4 holes to play when he holed out on the 16th.  Walker then failed to birdie the easy 18th hole in both the 72nd and 1st playoff hole handing Reed the title. What shocked us the most was his victory fist pump and post game interview that came with such grace and poise that made you forget about his previous cockiness of wins past.

With the victory, Reed joins a short list of players to win 4 times before their 25th birthday.  If Reed continues this hot play you will also need to put up with golf’s commentators talking about his odds at the Majors.  In conclusion, you better get used to seeing this face.





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