Billy Horschel is a 4 time PGA Tour winner and a Fedex Cup champion. He must know a thing or two about the game of golf.  Brandel Chamblee is also a PGA tour winner turned golf analyst so he also must know what he’s talking about. Both of these two gentlemen walk the line of love/hate with fans of golf and on Thursday the two outspoken characters came to blows in the world of Twitter.

Chamblee has never been a stranger to throwing his “professional” opinions out on the airways and on his twitter feed constantly mixing it up with tour pros like Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. Over the past few years Chamblee has been the biggest critic of Tiger Wood’s golf swing, personal life and negative effects of a free weight focused workout routine in golf. On Thursday he took another jab at Wood’s 2013 swing calling him “trackman-drunk” and tour pro Billy Horschel decided to step in. One thing’s for sure, “You have to keep your head on a swivel when you find yourself in the middle of a vicious cock fight” as Ron Burgundy would say.


When asked for a comment after Billy Horschel replied