Haas Takes The Humana

Late Sunday night, Bill Haas stood 20 feet away from the 16th hole tied up in a 6-man leaderboard at -21.  A birdie putt would break the deadlock and throw him one shot ahead going into the final two holes.  Haas stepped up and nailed the putt and after securing an easy par on the 17th, the title was all but his.  With the rest of the key cast of players not able to eagle the final hole, the only excitement left to stay tuned to was a potential Haas blow up on the 18th.

18th Hole at La Quinta Palmer

Haas did what he was supposed to and pushed his drive to the right avoiding the disaster that runs up the entire left side but he was left with an unusual lie.

After testing out hitting the ball left handed or flipping it over and hitting it backwards, Haas and his caddy deciding on a baseball style punch down the fairway.  He executed perfectly and was left with just a smooth 8 iron into the guarded green.  Two putts later he secured himself top prize at The Humana.