GPS versus LASER

Unlike most comparison articles I’ve found, I’m giving you the winner first and then the details.

The winner is the Sky Caddie SGX when tested against Bushnell LASER technology.

After religiously using and swearing by my Bushnell Laser for two years and laughing at those using GPS technology, I decided to pick up a second hand SkyCaddie from ebay for $100 to see if I was being bias.  After playing just 7 holes with the SkyCaddie, I am converted.  Here is why.  (For reference I am using the SkyCaddie SGX unit which I bought second hand for 40% of what you will pay for a new unit.)

The GPS units of years past used to be limited in their design.  When first introduced, they just told you middle yardage from anywhere on the course.  That was fine but at times the unit would jump to other holes and the yardage was always hit and miss.  A few years ago an evolution came when you were able to see front-back-middle yardages followed the next year with distances to lay ups, hazards and doglegs.  Despite the evolution I still stuck with my Laser.  The Bushnell allowed me to zone in on traps, trees and corners and most importantly the FLAG like I was surveying a construction site.  After a few uses, you got a sense of when you were hitting your target and when you were hitting a tree behind the green.  The new SKYCADDIE SGX followed by the SGXw is a game changer in distance measuring, finally offering what I can only describe as a digital version of a pro’s caddie yardage book.  You still get the front-back-middle distances from anywhere in the course, however you now get an aerial map view of the hole with the ability to toggle to anywhere on the hole.  You can pin point any yardage and with a zoom feature that allows you to see the green shape, you can toggle the pin placement when you see it or where you want to hit to.  This unit is a true game changer!

What do you think?