Unlike Football, Baseball or Basketball, Golf is a game that allows fans to cheer for multiple teams.  You may have a natural bias towards players like Tiger, Rory, Phil or Jordan but at the end of the TV coverage all we want as fans of this great game is to be entertained with a little hint of drama.  So how do we cheer for Jordan Spieth when he is making a mockery of the reasons we tune into the Masters this Sunday?  How do we route against the future of the game and and all around great guy?

Just as Martin Kaymer did in last year’s US Open, Spieth is taking the fireworks out of the festivities.  All fans, regardless of who we pull for want to see Jordan win this thing.  Why is it that in the backs of our minds, we are hoping he screws up just a little bit to make it a close finish.

Regardless of who wins this year’s Masters I think we are hoping that the games best in Phil, Tiger and Rory make it dramatic enough for us to stay glued until the last drop of sunlight at Augusta.  After all, a horse race where the winner is way out in front by the final turn is not dramatic, exciting or satisfying is it?