Adam Scott deserves your attention!!!

Perhaps you can explain to me why Adam Scott isn’t getting more respect from the golfing media? The guy takes over the #1 world ranking spot from Tiger, a feat that has been rarely done the past 15 years and then to stake his claim he goes on to win the next week’s event. This wasn’t a points jostle where Lee Westwood, Martin Kaymer and Luke Donald took the spotlight for a few weeks until Tiger got healthy, this was an all out, masters winning, top ten finishing, Tiger slaughter over the past two seasons. If this was 1935 there would be a ticker tape parade for the guy down the streets of Manhattan. So let me ask of you, the reader. Why doesn’t Adam have your attention.

Is it because he is Australian?

Do his good looks intimidate you?

Are you not a fan of the long putter?

Does Stevie Williams irritate you?

Do you love Tiger so much that it hurts you to see another man win?

If this was Jordan Spieth or Rickie Fowler would the golfing media would be all over this story?

I need to know why there is a media black out silence over Adam Scott’s accomplishment, while at the same time there remains a lot of noise over a 43 year old Phil heading to Pinehurst. Last question.

What does he have to do to get YOUR attention?

What do you think?