Look out ya’ll, there’s a Tiger on the loose!  Tiger Woods has just announced that he’s ended his relationship with professional skier Lindsey Vonn.  Wait, did Lindsey end it with Tiger? To the media, the ending of the 3 year relationship appears to be 100% mutual but regardless of who dumped who, the result is a single Tiger Woods. That should excite the legend of Tiger lovers. Yes, it’s sad when any relationship to come to an end but the silver lining for fans of golf, is that instead of crossing the Atlantic to catch ski races in the Alps, Woods will be in his backyard hitting chips.  We all know how much work goes into maintaining a significant person in our lives so imagine that effort and attention now directed towards making Tiger the player he was.  My vice when things go wrong is whiskey, but Woods turns to practice and working out.  Imagine the focus that is going on in Jupiter right now!


“Lindsey and I have mutually decided to stop dating. I have great admiration, respect and love for Lindsey and I’ll always cherish our time together. She has been amazing with Sam and Charlie and my entire family. Unfortunately, we lead very hectic lives and are both competing in demanding sports. It’s difficult to spend time together.”