“Congrats DJ, Unlucky Jordan” – Ian Poulter

Ian Poulter is no rookie when it comes to starting a s*** storm on social media. This weekend as Dustin Johnson was rendering the 18th hole down to a pitch and putt, Poulter took to his phone showcasing another one of his Trump like Twitter responses. On Sunday at The Northern Trust, Johnson found himself standing on the 18th hole in a sudden death playoff against golf phenom and putting wizard Jordan Spieth. With a giant lake taking up the entire left hand side of the hole, Spieth hit a perfect drive on a conservative line 315 yards  down the middle of the fairway. Next on the tee, Dustin Johnson who just 20 minutes earlier had over cooked his power fade into the rough and was forced to lay up. This time around with the wind direction shifting to his favor and the tournament on the line he smoked a 341 yard drive that cleared the lake with ease that left even the announcers shaking their heads. On the tee, Nick Faldo told the viewers DJ was lined to hit his classic fade into the fairway but the pro tracer soon told a different story. His ball took off on a line that no one had bothered to look at all week and when his ball came to rest he had just 94 yards left compared to Spieth’s 182 yards. Johnson stuck his wedge to a few feet and drained the birdie putt for the win which then sparked this tweet from Ian Poulter

Poulter wasn’t the only Pro who took offense to DJ’s raw display of power, Wesley Bryan weighed in via a similar tweet.

Then immediately after that Kevin Kisner threw down this tweet

In case you missed it or just want to watch it on repeat over and over here’s the video

I’m pretty sure if Dustin Johnson was a Twitter man he would have responded with this…




Ben Crane sported a bucket hat to a PGA event. A Bucket Hat!  Perhaps there was some foreshadowing with his choice of head gear at the 2017 Wyndham Championship because on the 16th hole of his final round his shot was nothing but BUCKETS! The reaction to his hole in one was just as great as the shot itself as Crane takes home One Million Wyndham Rewards Points for the effort. WATCH


Sit Down, clear you mind and picture you’re a professional golfer teeing it up at The Galvin Green PGA Assistants’ Championship.

On the par four first hole you walk off the green carding a 9! You follow that great display of golfing prowess with a bogie on the second hole.  After the opening two holes you sit at +6. “Settle down, there’s lots of golf left” you whisper to yourself, but deep down you know your round is essentially over and so are the chances of wining the golf tournament. Well, you might as well get aggressive now.

Suddenly you’re on fire and ring off 5 birdies over the next 7 holes to finish the front nine at just +1.  So you’re telling me there’s a chance.

On to the back nine. You step up to the par three 10th tee and let go a beautiful iron shot. The golf gods give a little wink as it goes straight into the cup for sink a miraculous Ace!!!  Now you’re at -1.  Crap, now you have to buy drinks but you’re also right back in this tournament.

After a bogie on the 12th hole you come to the par 5 13th hole ready to attack.

Sadly the Golf Gods giveth and the Golf Gods taketh away and instead you card an 11 moving you back to the +6 mark you last visited on the second green.

With two more bogies coming home you finish the day at +8 or a round of 79. All you want to do is walk into the clubhouse, pay the tab for the hole in one and head home to contemplate life as a golfer. You get home but thanks to the wonderful world of twitter and blogs like this one your efforts get immortalized by a fellow pro named Eddie Pepperell.

Mathew Webb who played along side this round said ‘He’s a good lad banter all the way.  When he made the 1 he went wild then after the 11 I said I haven’t seen 3 1’s on a card before”


Jordan Baker.  This name could be Daisy Buchanan’s long-time friend and Nick Carraway’s girlfriend for most of the novel The Great Gatsby …


… Jordan Baker is the gambler from London who would have taken home £2 million had Rickie Fowler beaten his friend Jordan Spieth at The Open Championship. Yes this Baker could have parlayed a £2 wager into £2 million (roughly $2.59 million US) by correctly betting the outcome of all four major winners this year. His bet consisted of Sergio Garcia wining The Masters, Brooks Koepka winning The US Open and Justin Thomas taking The PGA Championship.  The only outcome he guessed incorrectly was last month’s Open. Hand it to Baker who is trying to use sympathy to land himself a tee time with Rickie at Augusta.. good luck Jordan!  Either way the dude has a sick swing, see below


Rory McIlroy parted ways with his long-time caddie JP Fitzgerald prior to the start of the Bridgestone Invitational in Ohio. Picking up the bag and running walking with it was his long time best friend, Harry Diamond. McIlroy stated he doesn’t yet know if this is a temp or long-term position for Harry but when asked at a press conference what he looks for in a caddie going forward, this was his response. Credit to the top notch reporting of Steven Connolly for asking the hard questions.


The news the PGA Tour this morning can’t necessarily be called “breaking” but that’s exactly what they are doing to the future schedule. The Tour announced a shuffle of it’s major events beginning in 2019 where the Players Championship will move from it’s current position in May to the month of March. The PGA Championship which currently gets jammed into August will now occupy the month of May. This doesn’t come as a shock to players & media as the Tour has been looking into ways to ease the log jam in the late summer schedule. The biggest obstacle the current golf calendar has faced is the start of the NFL & College football seasons, a machine so large it’s impossible to compete against. Also vying for time are events like the Olympics, Ryder and Presidents Cup. The bottom line is the PGA Tour can’t keep going up against the NFL and College Football market and the Fed Ex Cup isn’t a big enough deal to compete. It’s also wearing out the players and making the August/September part of the season a nightmare to stay competitive. As a fan of golf and an avid follower of the tour, the pros of this new schedule far out way the Cons and provide a better experience to us, the audience.


  • The “major events” now have breathing room and balance the schedule eliminating the weight of events in the late summer
  • The PGA will no longer be an after thought lost in the schedule
  • Players will be more refreshed for the playoffs
  • Golf can make way to Football seamlessly
  • The OPEN Championship (British) will now truly become the champion golfer of the year
  • The Masters will become a better event as players will have a true test prior to April
  • Euro players will be able to play more Euro events after the FedEx Cup playoffs
  • This could have gone in either column, but the length of time from the Fed Ex Cup to Hawaii has increased. I’ve never been a fan of the wrap around schedule so for me this is a plus.
  • Southern Venues are now in the mix to host a major event


  • Some believe this takes out venues in the northern part of the country due to course conditions and weather concerns
  • The Tour may need to drop an event in the schedule which hurts a market where an event has a big impact on the community
  • The weather in March at Sawgrass.  Tour convinced people back in 07′ that the weather in May makes for a better Players Championship.  Now they need to convince us otherwise.
  • No more “Glory’s Last Shot”
  • Some Tournaments may need to shift and move to accommodate

WATCH – PLAYERS REACTIONS (via The Golf Channel)


Every golf shirt order from Criquet Shirts in Austin TX, comes with a recipe for a delicious 19th hole cocktail. This inspired me to help up you ditch the beer this year and up your clubhouse cocktail game. I am The Weekend Golfer and this is The 19th Hole.



Well that didn’t take long.  I woke up this morning, turned on the news and there it was.  Video footage of Tiger Woods’ DUI taken from the dashboard camera of the arresting officer has been released.  I find it oddly fascinating that the public is allowed to have access to this and that the wait time was a mere 4 days.  Although I watched the entire 23 minute video, I’ll spare you the pain and show you just the lowlights.  I feel bad kicking a man when he’s down but this is so insane!  Here are two videos from TMZ that sum up what went down during the bizarre incident.